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February 19, 1899 by government regulation it was decided to found the Polytechnical Institute in St.Petersburg. The grand opening of the institution took place on October 2, 1902. Initially the institute aimed at training highly qualified engineers and economists. Thus Electrotechnical, Metallurgic, Shipbuilding and Economics Departments started to operate within the institute first. A prominent scientist in the field of applied mechanics, Prince A.G.Gagarin was commissioned the first Director of the Institute.


The setting up Polytechnic institutes in Russia (St.Petersburg, Kiev and Warsaw) was idea of S.Yu.Vitte -he held the post of Minister of Finance (1892 - 1903) and was the first Prime Minister in Russia (1903-1906). World famous scientists like V.I.Kovalevsky, D.I.Mendeleyev, V.I.Kipichev, N.P.Petrov, A.N.Krilov, A.S.Popov, D.K.Chernov and many others made a significant contribution into the institute's starting and functioning.







In June, 1918  the Institute was renamed into the First Polytechnical Institute.


The University scientists made a significant contribution to different spheres of Russian science and engineering. In 1920, within the framework of the Russia's electrification program, one of the biggest projects on Russia North-West region electrification was carried out by the Institute. In 20-30-s the scientists played a very important role in elaborating and bringing into life projects on power engineering and metallurgy development. In 30-s the Institute took an active part in the country's industrialization.


During World War II the Institute didn't stop functioning, it continued to keep training and conducting scientific researches. The scientist working in the Institute had great achievements in military equipment designing and developing. Key names here are celebrated aircraft designers O.K.Antonov and N.N.Polikarpov and the best World War II tank designer M.I.Koshkin.


In October 1946 The Polytechnical Institute became subordinate to Ministry of Education of Higher Education, which gave it an opportunity to design and to follow its own academic programs and curriculum. Beginning with 1950 the Institute became open to international students - representatives of Eastern Europe and Africa. In 1965 the Institute Preparatory Department for overseas students was founded.


In 1968 a Unique/Special Design Office was founded within the Institute which started the development of industrial robotics in Russia. Today it is one of the most significant scientific centers in our country - the Central Research and Experimental-design Institute of robotics and engineering cybernetics, run by V.A. Lopota - a Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science. The University scientists took part in developing and launching the first artificial satellite ever, as well as first spaceship "Vostok" with a man aboard.


Since 1970-s the Institute staff made a major breakthrough in sphere of hydro- and electrical engineering, power machine engineering, physics, nuclear physics and others. Scientists of the University Y.S.Vasiliev, R.A.Suris, V.E.Golant, L.P.Nayman, G.N.Alexandrov, and others made a significant contribution to development in these spheres.


Among scientists who studied and worked in Polytechnical University are Nobel Prize winners N.N.Semyonov (Chemistry, 1956), P.L.Kapitsa (Physics, 1978) and Zh.I.Alferov (Physics, 2000).


In 1975 the Institute became the only soviet technical institution of higher education which was internationally recognized and accepted into the International Association of Universities.


In 1976 at the the Politechnical University the Faculty of Computer Science was founded.


Since 1980-s university's scientists and staff were involved in development of modern scientific and study directions such as computer science and information technologies, material science and nano-technologies, ecology and environmental protection.


In  90-s was opened new faculties: International Graduate School of Management, Institute of International Educational Programs, Faculty of Humanities.


Institute of Innovations was established in 1996  for innovation technique managers training.


On February, 19 1999 the St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University celebrated its centennial anniversary. 


Polytechnical University has actively started to develop the new fields of scientific research activities since 2000


In 2003 at the University the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Management and Information technology  were founded, in 2005 - Faculty of Foreign Languages.


In 2007 the Polytechnical University won the Innovative University Competition, organized by the Education Priority National Project.  


In 2010 SPbSPU was awarded the status "National Research University".


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