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The Fundamental Library of Polytechnic University is one of the largest scientific and technological libraries in Russia and rates among the three best libraries of St.Petersburg. The number of readers who use it is in excess of 25,000. The library possesses collection of more than 2 600 000 of volumes.


Fundamental Library is the first Russian library which has the Internet connection via high-speed optical communications. The Library information services are developed and supported by the Open Library Systems Center.


The library provides the access to electronic resources of the Publishing houses ("Elsevier", "Academic Press", etc.), to the databases UMI, Code (Russian electronic library system for legislation issues), VINITI (Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information) and to the electronic resources all over the world. Patrons can order the search in this electronic resources.



Library collections:

The Fundamental Library houses a very rich collection of over 2,9 million books in Russian and in many foreign languages with titles in every branch of science, technology and commerce. A valuable stock of scientific periodicals (well over 7,000 titles of which approximately half are in foreign languages) is available with complete sets of journals and magazines covering periods of many years. Special attention is paid to the stock of publications relating to standards, specifications and bibliography. A separate collection includes valuable and rare editions dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. The library continues to add volumes to its collection by subscription and through book exchange.


Reading rooms:

Much attention is paid to service for students. Prescribed text-books and manuals are reserved for immediate use available for staff and students who can consult them or borrow. Those books that are in most demand are held separately in spacious reading rooms. A copying service is available. Computers in the Library reading room are also available to visitors. 



Branch of library:

The Fundamental Library has a branch in the Institute of International Educational Programs. This library provide russian and foreign students with a wide range of different books, dictionaries, fiction, technical, scientific literature in 14 languages of Europe, Asia and Africa.



Contact information:

Russia, 195251, St.Petersburg, Politechnicheskaya 29, Polytechnic University, Fundamental Library

Phone: +7 (812) 552-75-59 

Fax: +7 (812) 552-76-54 


Russia, 195251, St.Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya, 29.
Phone: +7 (812) 297-1616 Fax: + 7 (812) 552-6080

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