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The University Foundation Program's aim is to train international students for further education in Russian universities. The university foundation program puts particular emphasis on developing international and cross-cultural competencies through Russian language acquisition.


It is a full-time course preparing students to enter SPbSPU as well as other Russian universities. The Program caters specifically for international students. It assists students in all aspects of living and studying in Russia.


Total period of study - 2 semesters, 1200 academic hours. Students have classes 6 hours each day, Monday to Friday and Saturday (4 hours)- for a total of 34 classroom hours, with an instructor, each week.


The University foundation basic courses combine Russian language instructing with extensive training in study skills necessary for university level in Russia. The curriculum includes practice in lecture comprehension, note-taking, test-study procedure, essay and technical writing, text analysis, and library research skills. There are September through November intakes into the program which enables students to qualify for university courses commencing the following year.



The following 4 University foundation courses are available:



    • General/Academic Russian
    • Russian for special purposes, i.e. science/engineering
    • Mathematics and Information Science
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Technical drawing
    • Electives

Natural Science:

    • General/Academic Russian
    • Russian for special purposes, i.e. natural sciences
    • Mathematics and Information Science
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Electives


Economics/Industrial /Management:

    • General/Academic Russian
    • Russian for special purposes,  i.e. economics/management
    • Economics
    • Mathematics  and information Science
    • Geography
    • Electives

Humanities/Liberal Arts:

    • General/Academic Russian
    • Russian for special purposes, Russian  art and  literature
    • Russian literature
    • Geography
    • History 
    • Electives



Admission of the Intensive Course of Russian Language (2013)!





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Minimum entrance requirements:
To enter a University foundation program intending students should have a proven record and/or certificate of complete secondary education and send their applications to e-mail address: or postal address: 195220, Russia, St.Petersburg, Grazhdansky pr., 28, Admission Office.



Skill placement:
Proficiency in  Russian language is not required. At SPbSPU the students in groups have the same level of language skills. Our language and other subjects placement test determines the appropriate level - not too easy, not too difficult.  


Benefits of the program:
By the course completion students are given the certificate for further entrance to Russian Universities according to subjects selected. One of the major benefits of the SPbSPU program is that international students are accepted provisionally by their preferred faculty at SPbSPU or other institution and receive an automatic offer of a place in that faculty, they achieve the IIEP grades and prerequisite subjects which the faculty has determined for entrance.


Placement in Russian Universities:
If an international student wants to continue studies in a certain Russian college, university or technical school, SPbSPU will help him (her) to meet the needs and qualifications and assist with the entire application process.



Detailed information about Admission Procedure is available HERE

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