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St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University offers a wide range of the international non-degree programs, which cover different directions and subjects and available to everyone during the year.




Russian Language Study Programs: designed for students who would like to study Russian language or continue studies in SPbSPU or other Russian universities.


These programs are implemented by the Center of Russian Language, Literature and Culture and Department of Russian as a foreign language


Programs duration varies from 3, 5 to 10 months.


Annually, the following programs are offered by IIEP:

  • Intensive Russian language course (5 levels of training)
  • Short-term Russian language and culture programs (history of Russia, Russian culture, history, theory and practice of translation, etc.)
  • Professional development for philology professors on teaching Russian as foreign language

Programs are taught in Russian, some subjects are taught in English.


SPbSPU is authorized to carry out 1st, 2nd and 3rd level Russian language assessment tests (TORFL) for non-native speakers. Those who successfully pass the test obtain a relevant certificate.




Semester programs: these programs are developed in accordance with European standards and requirements and can be integrated in the study plans of students from partner universities and recognized as semester abroad.




Programs duration for international students — 18 weeks in SPbSPU.

Teaching staff: SPbSPU Professors and highly qualified experts from consulting companies and representatives of businesses.

Language if instruction — English.

Study methods emphasize students’ active participation and involvement, case studies, group discussions, field trips and study visits are an integral part of the learning process.


The students have an opportunity to study in the international environment and get the intercultural experience.

Participation of Russian students gives a possibility of deeper penetration to Russian reality.




Summer schools are organized annually in summer and winter period and include:

  • a wide range of international short-term educational programs for students, academic staff and specialists in different spheres of science and technology (the courses are taught in English language)
  • Russian language study (different levels)
  • various cultural activities.


Apprenticeship may vary from 1 week to 3 months. For groups of students the program can be modified upon request.


Tailored programs: - these programs are tailor-made and designed upon the request of those willing to take a period of study in IIEP or other SPbSPU Institutes and available within the year. Tailored programs can also be the part of Degree Programs.


Upgrading Courses: designed for professionals willing to improve their knowledge and skills in international activities organization in HEIs and other professional spheres.


Exchange programs: designed IIEP jointly with partner universities. All the departments of IIEP take an active part in these programs implementation.

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