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For entering the Postgraduate programs graduates must obtain Master of Science degree in the same field of study.

Duration of studies: 3 years.




  • Theoretical mechanics
  • Mechanics of a deformable solid
  • Mechanics of a liquid, gas and plasma
  • Dynamics, durability of machines, devices and equipment


  • Material science (industry)
  • Mechanical engineering, system of drives and machines units
  • Robots, mechatronics and techniques of robots systems
  • Mechanical engineering technique
  • Theory of mechanisms and machines
  • Organization of production (on branches)
  • Standardization and product quality control


  • Technology and equipment of mechanical and physical-technical processing
  • Technology and machine of processing by pressure
  • Technology and machine of welding production


  • Thermal engines
  • Vacuum, compressor technique and pneumosystems
  • Turbine machines and combined turbine plants
  • Hydraulic machines and hydro-pneumatic sets


  • Wheel and caterpillar machines
  • Road, building and conveying-transport machines


  • Electro-mechanics and electrical apparatuses
  • Electro-technical materials and units
  • Electro-technical complexes and systems
  • Theoretical electrical engineering
  • Electro-technology


  • Devices and methods of measurement (on kinds of measurements)
  • Information-measuring and managing systems (industry)


  • Radio engineering, including system and devices of radionavigation, radar-location and television
  • Electrical-Power station and electrical power systems
  • Nuclear power plants including designing, operation and removal from operation
  • Industrial power system
  • Energy plants on the basis of renewed kinds of energy
  • Technique of high tensions
  • Thermal power plants, their power systems and units


  • Metal science and thermal processing of metals
  • Metallurgy of ferrous. Non-ferrous and rare metals
  • Casting production
  • Processing metals by pressure
  • Powder metallurgy and composite materials


  • Building designs, building and structures
  • Basis and bases, underground structures
  • Hydraulic engineering construction
  • Technology and organization of construction
  • Hydraulics and engineering hydrology
  • Building mechanics


  • Melioration, land reclamation and protection


  • Emergency and Security (in energetics)
  • Technology and equipment for semi-conductors, materials and electronic devices production

  Computer Science 

  • System analysis, management and processing of the information (on branches)
  • Elements and systems of computer facilities and control systems
  • Automation and management of technological processes and productions (on branches)
  • Management in social and economic systems
  • Mathematical and software of computers, complexes and computer networks
  • Automation systems of designing (on branches)
  • Telecommunication systems and computer networks
  • Computers and systems
  • Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of the programs
  • Methods and systems of protection of the information, information safety

  Natural sciences

  • Astrophysics and radioastronomy


  • Theoretical physics
  • Radiophysics
  • Physical electronics
  • Physics of the condensed state
  • Physics of plasma
  • Physics of semiconductors
  • Electrophysics, electrophysical plants
  • Thermal and theoretical thermal techniques
  • Physics of a nucleus and elementary particles


  • Biophysics
  • Genetics


  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Geoecology

  Economics and Humanities

  • Economy and management of a national economy (on branches and sphere of business in: the theory of management in economic systems; macroeconomic; economy, organization and management of the enterprises, branches, complexes; management of innovations; regional economy; logistics; economy of labor; economy of the population and demography; economy of nature management; world organization and etc.)
  • Finance, money circulation and credit
  • Accounting, statistics
  • Mathematical and tool methods of economy
  • World economy


  • Philosophy of science and technique
  • Social philosophy
  • Theory and technique of training and education (on areas and educational levels)
  • Theory and technique of professional education
  • Theory of politics, history and methodology of a political science
  • History of science and technique
  • Theory and technique of physical training, sports training, improving and adaptive physical culture
  • Theory and history of law and state; history of law and state doctrine



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