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Retraining and upgrading courses annually provide retraining of more than 7 000 students. Duration of this programs can be from 70 to 1000 academic hours.

Polytechnic University provides retraining and upgrading of specialists at the following faculties:

Retraining faculty – provides retraining for degree specialists and non-degree programs on economics and IT for last-year students of another direction of studies.

Intersectorial Institute of specialists retraining – provides upgrading short-term programs and seminars in the fields “Assets, business and investments valuation”, “Landed property management”, “Radiation safety and control”

Faculty of teaching staff upgrading – provides upgrading and retraining courses for teaching staff of Russian state universities, according to the plan affirmed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation.

Basic faculties of the university, such as Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Innovations, International Graduate School of Management also provide specialists retraining by the programs of their field.

Institute of International Educational Programs developed upgrading courses for international departments staff in Russian universities and lecturers, who are training international students, including Russian language as foreign.

Also SPbSPU has interfaculty retraining programs:

  • Primary and specialized secondary education teaching staff retraining
  • State secret protection

Detailed information about retraining and upgrading programs can be obtained on the faculties web-sites.



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