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Step 1. Sending the documents

You should send (either by e-mail or fax) the following documents:

• The completed application form;
• The copy of the international passport pages (those with the photo, date and place of birth etc.);
• The documents confirming your previous education translated into Russian or English language. Document requirements depend on the program (Example: applying for the MSc program you should send the BSc diploma with transcript).


You do NOT need to provide the documents confirming your previous education when applying to the following programs:

• Russian language study program
• Summer and Winter Schools
• Tailored programs

Duration of the step – 1-3 weeks (the documents for the MSc, PhD and DSc programs require more time to be considered).


Step 2. Prepayment procedure

There are 2 ways of admission to the SPbSPU.

1. The registration fee of 2500 RUR should be paid in cash by everyone applying for the SPSPU programs.

! It is NOT possible to transfer the registration fee to the SPSPU account.

Duration of the step: up to 1 week.

2. Second way: 

2.1. The scan copy of the contract in Russian language will be sent to the free mover’s e-mail.
2.2. When the student agree with the terms of the contract, he should send the signed copy of the contract to the or .
2.3. Invoice for the payment for 1 semester will be sent to the candidate e-mail, during 5-7 working days.
2.4. Payment should be transferred to the SPSPU bank account in Euro or USD. The payment deadline depend on the type of the program:

- admission to the University foundation program: until September, 1;
- admission to Bachelor degree and Master degree programs until July, 1;
- Admission to PhD individually.

2.5. As soon as funds proceed to the bank account, we will start to make an invitation. 


Step 3. Making the invitation

The procedure of making the invitation starts within 2-3 days.

Duration of the step – 40 working days.

! There is NO possibility of making urgent invitations. Try to do everything in advance. 


Step 4. Receiving the invitation


There are 2 ways how you can receive your invitation:

• you or someone of your acquaintances come to IIEP and take the invitation;
• we send the invitation by Express-mail (choosing this variant you should provide IIEP with your full home address and contact telephone number). You will receive the invitation within a week.



Step 5. Legalisation of the documents


Please pay attention that by your arrival to the University both your Certificate/Diploma and Transcript should be LEGALIZED (legalization is the procedure of academic documents approval in the Ministry of International Affairs in the country of your graduation and after that in the Russian Consulate - in both these organisations they should put a stamp on the back side of your documents or on their copies; in different countries there are different rules).

! Invitation is NOT enough to enter Russia. It is necessary to make the student visa.


Step 6. Force Majeure

In case of refusal to study, the payment for 1 semester will be refunded to the student’s account except 10%- non-refundable fee. 


In case you pass all the steps successfully – congratulations, you are admitted to SPSPU!


For more information, please, contact the Admission Office

Contact information: 
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