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St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University is a member of International Association of Universities, European Association for International Education.



Also University contributes to work of world leading organizations in the spheres of hydraulics (MAGI), electric networks (SIGRE) and dam engineering (SIGB).


Polytechnic University has an important role in International Institute of Welding, International Organization of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, International Organization of Automotive Management and International Power Academy.



SPbSPU is a member of the following international organizations and associations:


  • International Association of Universities

Subject: International co-operation of universities for education and scientific development.


  • European Universities Association


  • Baltic Sea Network Partner


  • Cooperation Platform of Central and East European Metropolitan Universities of Technology


  • Hewlett-Packard Open View University Association

Since 1995 SPbSPU is full member.
Subject: Quality control for information transmission at computer networks.


  • International Association of Libraries


  • SPACE – European Network for Business Studies and Languages


  • International Organization for Educational Equipment


  • Top Industrial Managers for Europe Association (T.I.M.E.)


  • CoLoS - Conceptual Learning of Science, International University Association

Since 1995 SPbSPU is associated member.
Subject: using of modern information technologies and computational simulation and modeling for complex systems study.


  • IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

More than 15 scientists represent the SPbSPU in the follow Society - Divisions of IEEE:

  • Circuits and Systems Society;
  • Telecommunication Society;
  • Microwave theory and technique Society;
  • Informatics Society;
  • Power Engineering Society;
  • Dielectric Materials Society.



  • NDLTD (Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations), International Cooperation of Libraries.

Subject: library network and information technologies for electronic copies of theses and dissertations exchange.


  • Russian Library Institutions, Library co-operation at St. Petersburg and Russia.

Subject: library network, exchange of libraries stocks, information technologies and access.

SPbSPU in the person of Fundamental Library of SPbSPU is a full member of:

  • Russian Libraries Association;
  • Association of the Regional Library Consortiums;
  • Saint Petersburg Library Society;


  • International Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers

Subject: teaching of Russian language and literature for foreign students.


  • Association of Netherlands for International Cooperation in Higher Education

Subject: educational co-operation of universities from different countries


  • International Saint Petersburg Consortium of Universities

Subject: International co-operation of universities from different countries (8 universities from USA, 2 universities from Finland, 1 university from Sweden, 1 university from UK, 1 university from Russia)


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