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Student life at the State Polytechnic University - like in the City of St.Petersburg itself - is friendly, enriched with multiple interesting possibilities, and can be quite enjoyable. Large number of local and international students with a wide variety backgrounds and with widely varying interests, ensure that there is always something going on, socially, at the University.


The Polytechnic University it is based on a compact park-like campus in the residential north-west district of St.Petersburg. A greater part of the campus is a large park with over a score of university buildings scattered around it.

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The State Polytechnic University is a large community - it provides a wide range of social, cultural, recreational and artistic on-campus facilities for its students and staff. These are available for all those who would wish to indulge in corporate life of the University in accordance with their personal inclinations. Be it sports, music, dancing, acting, or whatever - you can find facilities and people to share your interests. Those who take part in corporate life derive great benefit from it while in the University and in later years: friendships made on this friendly campus can last a lifetime. 




The University has:

  • Historical and Technical Museums
  • University Library
  • Experimental Factory
  • Canteens and Cafes
  • The Church of Intercession of the Holy Virgin
  • University hostels for 5000 nonresidents
  • International dormitory for 1200 overseas students
  • Sport Center:
    • stadium for 5,000 spectators
    • gymnastics halls
    • tennis courts
    • swimming pool
    • 2 football fields
    • athletics sectors
    • race-tracks
    • volleyball and basketball sites
  • Medical Center
  • Student clubs
  • Concert halls
  • South summer camps
  • Suburb Sporting Bases
  • Student theatre "Glagol"
  • Comfortable classrooms
  • Language laboratories
  • Computer Centers
  • Bio-cybernetics laboratory





Historical and Technical Museums:

Historical Museum of Technology was founded in the Polytechnic University in 1976 and is a depository of national importance. Since 1987 the museum serves as the Scientific and Methodical Center Headquarters for museums of all universities in St.Petersburg and in the north-west region of Russia. The museum collections hold over 45,000 items that represent history of the University, Faculties, Departments.


House of Scientists in Lesnoye:

The House of Scientists in Lesnoye is the center of cultural and social life of the Technical University. It is an 'umbrella organization', encompassing various "circles" and "clubs" that represent a wide cross-section of views and interests, cultural, social and political. They have an important part to play in the social and cultural activities of the University. Here is where staff and students can meet new interesting people and widen their horizons. Chess tournaments and other sports events are organized at the House.


Computer Centers:
Computer centers provide comprehensive computing facilities which are open to all University students. Students  can work individually or in small groups at their own place with the expert's advice and support readily available. Computer centers equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software have e-mail and Internet access.

University Health Service:

University Health Service includes the University Polyclinic and a Medical Prophylactics Center. The service is provided completely free and is available to all matriculated students on demand. It is staffed with general practitioners, qualified specialists, clinical laboratories, X-ray equipment, etc. First year students are encouraged to make use of this facility. Inoculations and vaccinations can be given. Arrangements can be made for specialist consultations, including radiography, dental advice, cardiography, etc. 

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Phone: +7 (812) 297-1616 Fax: + 7 (812) 552-6080

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