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Sports and physical fitness is an excellent means of achieving an enduring balance between one's professional and personal life. For this reason our University has the Department of Physical Culture and Sports. All students wishing to learn anything from basketball to skiing are welcomed to the University Sport Center.


Sport Center includes:

  • stadium for 5,000 spectators
  • gymnastics halls
  • tennis courts
  • swimming pool
  • 2 football fields
  • athletics sectors
  • race-tracks
  • volleyball and basketball sites


Sport represents a lively section of the social life on University campus. Students and staff can have an active lifestyle with the Department of Physical Culture and Sports. The expert physical education staff organize group and individual exercise sessions, offer fitness programs and consultation.


Students are offered the chance to learn or improve sporting skills. The swimming pool and gymnastics halls are centrally located in the Physical Culture Building.

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Available sport facilities are:

  • athletics
  • gymnastics
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • football and minifootball
  • handball
  • table tennis
  • boxing
  • weight lifting
  • wrestling
  • skiing


Outdoor Sport Facilities are available at the Suburb Sporting Bases located in vicinity of St.Petersburg. The University possesses two recreation areas as off-campus components: the Northern Camp in Karelia and the Southern Camp on the Black Sea shore, near the town of Tuapse. Tourism, diving, mountaineering, yachting are among other favorite pastimes of the University staff and students. 


In addition a range of indoor facilities can be attended on personal basis at sport and fitness centers and athletic clubs. They are located in other buildings of the University (a certain fee is expected for membership at these centers). For those who like competition, there are intramural leagues in a variety of sports. Intramural competition usually means individuals or teams of students and/or staff from different Institutes involved in regular matches.

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