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Scientific research carried out in the University make up a significant part of its activity. World famous scientists working within the university have made an important contribution to fundamental and applied science. Among them are A.F.Ioffe, P.L.Kapiza, N.N.Semenov, M.A.Shatelen, A.A.Baikov, Zh.I. Alferov and many others. Deep integration of scientific research into the study process results in the excellent quality of academic programs provided by the university.


The following research centers were founded within the structure of the University: Power Engineering Institute of the Academy of Science, The Central Boiler Turbine Institute, Hydroengineering Research Institute, Design office "Impulse", Central Research Institute of Robotics and Cybernetic Engineering.


In 1992 a new self sufficient structural unit was introduced - a research-and-production group - aiming to coordinate research conducted by the University faculty and departments and to provide technical support.


In 2010 SPbSPU was awarded the status "National Research University"In the same year was worked out Strategic Development Program for 2010–2019.


Objective of the program is to update and develop SPbSPU as a new type research university, which integrates multidisciplinary R&D activities and advanced technologies for rising national economic competitiveness.


SPbSPU Strategic Development Program determines 4 priority areas of innovative development:

  • Multidisciplinary research and High-efficiency computer technologies
  • New materials, Nanotechnologies
  • Power engineering, Energy saving and Ecology technologies
  • Information technologies, Telecommunication and Intelligent computer systems


According to the Program in 2010 was founded Joint Science and Technology Institute includes the following Innovative Research Institutions:

  • Research Institute of Materials and Technologies
  • Research Institute of Energy, Resources Saving and Environmental Technologies
  • Research Institute of Nano-biotechnologies
  • Research Institute of Electronic Systems
  • Research Institute «Mathematical Modelling and Intelligent Control Systems
  • Research Institute of Machine-Building Technologies (MashTeh)





Research interests of the University cover spheres as diverse as:


  • Nuclear physics, condensed state physics, plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion, high-temperature superconductivity, radio physics and electronics, physicochemical basics of life system organization, medical physics and engineering.
  • Power engineering, environment protection and support, balanced consuming of natural resources, municipal economy systems and life support.
  • Computing, control and cybernetics, robotics and flexible computer systems, telecommunication systems.
  • Mechanics, machine-building, design materials and new machinery and equipment materials, physicochemical basics of metallurgic processes.
  • Economics and Finances, management and marketing, human arts and engineering education liberation.



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The University Fundamental Library possesses one of the biggest collections of scientific and technical literature in Russia. The Library funds consist of around 3 million books. The fund of rare and valuable books accounts for 35,000 copies. The library is equipped with high-speed internet access and state of the art computer technologies.



 More than 30 scientific conferences are held, (majority are international), books and monographs are also published, as well as a number of scientific periodicals, including e-newsletters issued by the University annually.


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