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Authorized Centers of education, testing and certification, created with foreign and Russian companies: Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco Systems, Thomson Prometric, Pearson VUE, Prodigy Systems Ltd., Oracle, ALT Linux, ThinPrint, Security Certified Professional.







1. " Polytechnic- Motorola " Center


The center was created in 1995, based on Information and Control Systems Department (Faculty of Computer Science).


Scientific and research work of Center consist of development of new system and applied program products and study of foreign experience in field of creation the applied software and big simulated systems, based on Motorola technology of hardware and software.


General directions of activity: research and development work, scientific-methodical work, education.



2. Scientific-Educational Center "LG -Polytechnic"


The center was created in 2001 based on Information Security in Computer Science Department (Faculty of Computer Science).


Scientific and research work includes further development of engineering and mobile systems protection technology, realization of scientific investigations in the field of informational security of mobile telecommunication, improvement of specialists training quality.


General direction of activity is the information security in systems and network.



3. Regional Center "Polytechnic-National Instruments"


The center was created in 2004 based on Automatic Control Systems Department (Faculty of Computer Science).


Scientific and research work consists of further development of works in creation of technological process and scientific investigations automation systems, improvement of specialists training quality in the field of engineering and natural sciences.


General directions of activity is the education of virtual device technology, apparatus and people securing of National Instruments.



4. Research and Development "Philips" Laboratory


The center was created in 1997 based on Applied Mathematics Department (Faculty of Physics and Mechanics).


Research and scientific work of the Center includes the development of software and hardware apparatus in the field of scalable algorithms, and also organization of presentations and seminars in this field.


General direction of activity is the scientific Philips research in the field of scalable algorithms for audio, video and graphics signals on programmable platforms.



5. Research and Development Laboratory "Polytechnic-Helwelett Packard"


The center was created in 1991 based on Department of Distributed Computing and Networks (Faculty of Computer Science).


Scientific and research work of the Center is development novel technologies in the field of distributed computer systems and networks, and specialists training in this field.


General direction of activity is a reciprocation of scientific results in the field of distributed systems theory.



6. Study and Training of Intel production Center


The center was created in 1994 based on Department of Automation and Computer Systems (Faculty of Computer Science).


Scientific and research work of the Center is a supporting and realization of perspective investigations, which are directed in creation of novel technologies in the field of development of hardware, protocols and algorithms for cordless data communication.


General direction of activity is a development and training of applied Intel facilities (microprocessors, controllers, network facilities).



7. Center for Commercialization and Technology Transfer


Main activity - development of scientific and commercial links between the University and small innovation enterprises that were created by the University's employers for commercialization of scientific results have been obtained in the frame of their basic and applied researches.


The Center provides services for small innovation enterprises: organizational support of their activity on the base of the University, marketing of their scientific-intensive products and services, development of the scientific-technical cooperation with the University's subdivisions as well as innovation cooperation with scientific organizations, big industrial companies, state and local Authorities.



8. City's Coordinative Center for Development of Innovation Activity in Science and Education of Saint-Petersburg


The center was created in 2004 on the base of the University according to special decree of Saint-Petersburg Government.


Main activity - analysis of innovation potential of Saint-Petersburg's organizations as well as informational and organizational support for innovation activities of Saint-Petersburg High School and scientific organizations: support of their participation in regional innovation programs, congresses, conferences and exhibitions, lobbing of their innovation projects at different levels, consulting in the field of innovation projects.



9. Research and Training Center for Optoelectronic Problems of Informatics


The main efforts are concentrated in the research and development of hybrid optical-electronic systems for radio signals' processing with applications to the problems of radio astronomy, aeronomy and communications.


Some special research fields are as following:

  • Acousto-optical spectrometers for radioastronomy;
  • Acousto-optical spectrometers for atmospheric remote sensing by microwave radiometry;
  • Optoelectronic system for processing of radio signals from pulsars;
  • Analog and digital electronic processors based on CCD image sensors and special electronics.


The Center provides undergraduate and post-graduate students with training in related fields by joining the ongoing research projects.



10. Center for Technical diagnostics and reliability of nuclear and thermal power plants


The Center -Technical diagnostics and reliability of nuclear and thermal power plants' was established in 1995. It is a structural subdivision of SPSPU.


The main trends of the Center activity are:

  • fundamental and applied investigations in the field of technical diagnostics and reliability of reactors and equipment for NPP and TPP;
  • creation of new instruments, devices and automatic systems for technical parameters monitoring at power equipment, evaluation of reliability and residual resource;
  • execution of numerical and experimental investigations of thermophysical and hidrodynamical processes at NPP units of equipment.



11. Research Institute of Nuclear Physics


Research Institute of Nuclear Physics is equipped by complex of electrophysical plants which are meant for realization of works in the area of radiation material science, development and application of radiation methods in techniques, technology and medicine.


Research Institute has included three laboratories:

  • laboratory of powerful sources of ionizing radiation;
  • cyclotron laboratory;
  • isotope laboratory.



12. Laser Technologies Center


Laser Technologies Center cultivates, produces and sells laser technical equipment, as well as offers different services using laser processing: laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, and laser hallmarking. In addition, LTC offers next services:

  • after-sale service and maintenance of laser equipment;
  • sale of spare parts for laser equipment;
  • sale of materials for laser engraving and marking.



13. Telecommunication Center of Computer Science Department


Telecommunication Center of Computer Science Department (TCC CSD) was created in 2001 and it is a basic structure, which realizes the informational, network and telecommunication support of faculty's departments.


Functions of Center are:

  • support of networking of faculty's departments to campus net of SPbSPU and Internet;
  • placing and support of general faculties servers and web-sites of departments;
  • servicing of network of CSD dean's office;
  • support of faculty by telephone communication, support of faculty's automatic exchange;
  • development and support of faculty document circulation system.



14. Scientific-Educational Center "Polytechnic-SAP / SAP Innovation Lab"


The center was created in 2006 and operates as the interfaculty unit of the university.


Educational and research activities of the Center includes teaching of the university students the basis of SAP ERP solutions, including SAP ERP modules as teaching tools into standard curriculum of engineering and economic departments, providing access to the SAP ERp system for university students and staff to use as a tool for their research work, and also organisation of presentations and seminars in the field of practical use of SAP ERP systems in industry.


Some special research and educational fields are as following:

  • Industry Solutions:
    • Power Engineering
    • Machinery
    • Automotive
    • Oil&Gas


  • mySAP ERP Modules
    • PLM
    • SCM



15. Scientific-Educational Center “FMC-Polytechnic”


The Russian-Norwegian scientific-educational center «FMC-Polytechnic» was opened on September 11th 2007.


Creation of this versatile scientific-educational center was the first result of performance of the contract between the company FMC Technologies, Inc. (Norway) and SPbSPU which have been signed in September, 2006.


The center created on the basis of Faculty of Mechanical and Machinery Engineering will realize special educational programs, and also assist in the organization of scientific researches in the company’s interests.


Areas of research nowadays are following:

  • technical cybernetics and control systems;
  • problems of creation electroisolation materials;
  • fibre-optical techniques;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • hydroaerodynamics;
  • numerical modeling of complex systems.



16. Research and Educational Center “Weatherford – Polytechnic”


Center was created in 2008 and operates as interfaculty unit of the Polytechnic University. It’s based on Faculty of Civil Engineering .


The main tasks of the Center include research and technical developments related to creation and modernization of equipment in the field of well drilling and operation, execution of technological studies and tests of equipment and materials as well as educational activities on improvement of qualification of oil industry engineers.


For detail information about the Center, please, see Detail information about WFT-Polytechnic



17. "Schlumberger-Polytechnic" Center


Scientifically-educational Center "Schlumberger-Polytechnic" has been opened in June, 2008. Its creation became the result of long-term cooperation between SPbSPU and "Schlumberger" company.


The Center’s aim is expansion of mutually advantageous partnership between the university and the company for realisation of scientific and educational projects in various directions of science and technics.


The Schlumberger company is the world leader in the field of technologies for the oil and gas industry. It renders services in search and investigation of deposits, drilling and measurements of parametres of process of drilling, an estimation of parametres of a layer, service of chinks, closing of chinks and to the control over extraction. Company’s representations are opened more than in 100 countries of the world.


Cooperation between Schlumberger and SPbSPU proceeds more than 10 years. In this time:






  • a number of researches in the field of optoelectronics and radio physical methods of diagnostics of surfaces are executed,
  • specialised mathematical models are developed and calculations of durabilities of difficult designs are carried out,
  • programs of target preparation of experts for the company at physicomechanical, radio physical and electro-mechanical faculties are realized.  


     18. The Apple Center


    The first for St.Petersburg authorized educational center of the Apple Computer Company was opened in IIEP on April 8, 2005.


    The aims of the Center:

    • preparing specialists in up-to-date multimedia technologies;
    • elaboration of computer training programs, educational remote courses, advertising and informational materials;
    • holding of city seminars for specialists in the sphere of education;
    • retraining and certification of specialists.


    The Center Activities:

    Now on the basis of modern computers Apple iMac G5 a practical training of students on disciplines is conducted:

    • "Computer imposition"
    • "Preprinting preparation "
    • "Computer scripting"
    • "Animation"
    • "3D organic modelling"
    • "Multimedia technologies".


    On the Center basis the seminars are hold regularly for the specialists in the field of education, for the St.Petersburg school teachers, schoolchildren, students and other interested persons.



    19. "Polytechnic-Shneider Electric" Center



    20. "Electrolux - Polytechnic" Center



    21. "Russia – Korea Research Center on Advanced Materials" Center





    • Physics of Nanocomposite Materials in Electronic Engineering
    • Multifunctional Instrumentation
    • Laser Technology
    • Innovative Industrial Economics
    • Renewable Forms of Energy and Equipment
    • Security of Informational Telecommunication Systems
    • Recycling and Disposal of Waste and Man-made Structures
    • Physics and Technology of Heterogeneous Materials and Nanoheterostructures
    • Radiophysics Problems of Complex Measuring Systems
    • Experimental Nuclear Physics of Particles and Fields
    • Structural and Functional Materials
    • Mathematical Biology of Systems
    • Safety in Emergencies
    • Nanobiotechnologies 




    • Research Institute of Energetics, Ecology and Nano-biotechnologies
    • Material Science and Technology
    • Research Institute
    • Research Institute of Nuclear Physics
    • Adapted Modeling and Intelligent
    • Systems Laboratory
    • Nanomaterials and Technologies Laboratory
    • Vacuum and Cryogenic Systems Laboratory
    • Computer Mechanics Laboratory
    • Mechatronics Laboratory








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