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Throughout its history St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University has established partnerships with more than 280 leading Higher Educational Institutions from the USA, Germany, France, Finland, China, Singapore, South Korea and other countries around the world. Within the framework of an international cooperation program our University carries out the following activities:


  • International research
  • Student and teaching staff exchange
  • Joint academic program development 


Our University is a member of International Universities Association, Cooperation Platform of Central and East European Metripolitan Universities of Technology, Top Industrial Managers for Europe Association (T.I.M.E.) and St.Petersburg International Universities Consortium. Professors from more than 30 leading Universities all over the world are presently honorary Doctors of SPbSPU.







SPbSPU annually enrolls 2900 international students in diverse undergraduate, specialist and postgraduate degree programs, with an overall number of over 30,000 overseas alumni throughout the past fifty years.


One of the most common programs chosen by international students is the University Foundation Program. Since 1965 more than 15,000 students from around the world were trained to enter the Russian University System.


Today the University offers a wide range of academic programs leading to undergraduate or graduate degrees. The most recent trends are academic programs offered in different foreign languages, joint academic projects and exchange internship programs.


The international academic activities are coordinated and supported by the Institute of International Educational Programs working within the structure of SPbSPU.





The Polytechnical University occupies one of the top positions among Russian institutions of higher learning participating in international research and academic projects. At present SPbSPU cooperates with more than 327 Universities from all over the world.



Today the main directions of scientific development are: 

  • Development of multidisciplinary R&D activities and advanced technologies, high-efficiency computer technologies
  • Elaboration of a qualitatively new interactions between education, science and industry in the modern conditions
  • Providing high quality advanced training of researches


The University takes part in a number of international research projects and programs such as EU Framework Programs, ENPI CBC, International Science and Technology Center (ISTC), NATO-Russia Science for Peace Project, Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Forskningradet - Cooperation Program with Russia (RUSSIA), National Science Foundation (NSF) and other.


European academic projects, among them: TEMPUS/TASIS, BISTRO, COPERNICUS, INTAS, NORDIC and others, as well as collaborating with international research centers and industrial companies. Within the framework of this program the University runs the scientific research and training centers of "Motorola", "Hewlett Packard" and "Intel" companies, as well as  Open Library Systems Center.


SPbSPU also contributes to work of world leading organizations in the following spheres: hydraulics (MAGI), electric networks (SIGRE) and dam engineering (SIGB). Our University also has an important role in International Institute of Welding, International Organization of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, International Organization of Automotive Management and International Power Academy.


In 2010 SPbSPU was awarded the status "National Research University".




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