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  Alumni and Friends



Dear alumni!


You are alumni of the Polytechnical University, and we are proud of you! Thank you for going through this thorny path of a student, from awkward phrases during first classes up to serious projects’ development. We know that you succeeded in becoming a high-qualified specialist.


We wish you courage to conquer new horizons, create and dare! We do not say ”Good-bye”, we say “See you”! We are always happy to hear about your success, because in your face Polytechnical University has found one more friend! Do not lose connection with your University, our doors are always open for you.





St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Institute of International Educational Programs

28, Grazhdansky pr., St.Petersburg, 195220, Russia



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Breaking news for international students!

Would you like to pay less for your education? SPbSPU is giving you that unique chance! From now the tuition fees depend on you and your initiative.

We offer you a DISCOUNT SYSTEM for attracting new international students to SPbSPU:

  • 10% discount from the tuition fees if you personally bring 3-5 new students
  • 15% discount from the tuition fees if you personally bring 6-10 new students
  • 20% discount from the tuition fees if you personally bring more than 10 new students

The discount will be calculated in accordance with the tuition fees on your Institute.

The offer is valid for 1st-5th year international students who are studying in SPbSPU on the contract basis and for those 6th - year students who are going to continue education in our University (PhD programs, training etc).

If you are interested in this offer – you should come to the room 209 (IIEP) in advance to get further information and sign a preliminary agreement.

Do not miss a possibility to save up to 28000 rubles per year! 



Also SPbSPU offers 10% discount from tuition fees for SPbSPU graduates of all types of programs, their children and grandchildren.






If you are interested in SPbSPU promoting materials, please, visit "Brochures" part




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