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Director: Professor Tatyana P. Nekrasova, Doctor of Science





The Institute of Industrial Economics consists of 3 study areas: Economics and Management, “International Graduate School of Management” and State and Municipal Management.


Economics and Management study area was founded on the basis of the same name faculty, formed in 1902. Currently this study area provides training of specialists possessing the fundamental knowledge in Economics, Management, Information Systems for industry, small businesses and services, management, financial, investment and other structures.


39 professors and 98 associate professors, 28 members of branch academies and 5 Honoured Scientists of Russian Federation work in the study area departments.


The study area comprises the following departments: 

  • Economics and Management of Machine Building 
  • Economics and Management of Technologies and Landed Property 
  • Economics and Management in Power Engineering and Natural Resources Exploitation 
  • Information Systems in Economics and Management 
  • Strategic Management 
  • Finance and Monetary Circulation 
  • Entrepreneurship and Commerce 
  • World and National Economics


“International Graduate School of Management” study area provides training and retraining specialists in the following areas: innovations and technologies management, administration and operating enterprises of different ownership forms, business accounting and audit. Level of students professional training corresponds with the level of graduates from leading European universities.


The study area comprises the following departments:

  • International Business 
  • International Economic Relations


State and Municipal Management study area prepares professionals to work in the federal, municipal and regional government; provides advanced training on legal issues, psychology, organization and technology of customs management, foreign trade operations and contracts, finances, currency exchange regulation.


The study area comprises the following departments: 

  • Management in Social-economic Systems 
  • National Security




  • Economics 
  • Management
  • Business Informatics 
  • State and Municipal Management 
  • Applied Information




Institute research activities focus on the following areas: 

  • Problems of world, national and regional economy development; 
  • International companies management; 
  • Theories and methods of management and decision-making; 
  • Organization of modern production; 
  • Theory and methods of optimization; 
  • Theory and methods of economic administration; 
  • Marketing research on production of enterprises located in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region; 
  • Methods of estimating the corporate investment strategies effectiveness; 
  • Generalization of work experience in international capital investment organizations and lending agencies; 
  • Generalization of work experience in joint ventures; 
  • Generalization of work experience on Russian enterprises in market conditions; 
  • Analysis of enterprises organizational development; 
  • Forming of organizational management structures by enterprises of different ownership forms;
  • Enterprises adaptation to the external environment change; 
  • Quality management; 
  • Economic-Mathematical modeling; 
  • Analysis of specific administrative situations, administrative training using business games; 
  • Influence of national and cultural features on international business; 
  • Research of marketing communications in terms of their perspective growth in Russia; 
  • Analysis of trends in e-commerce in Russia; 
  • Crisis theory and crisis-proof enterprise management; 
  • Management of scientific and technical development through target comprehensive programs;
  • Methods and models of the investment analysis; 
  • Modeling and management in productive, financial and social-economic systems; 
  • Security in crisis emergency situations.


The Institute provides training of scientific and pedagogical staff in forms of postgraduate, doctorate and internship in following fields: 

  • 08.00.05 - “Economics and Management of National Economy” 
  • 08.00.10 - “Finances, Monetary Circulation and Credit” 
  • 08.00.12 - “Business Accounting, Statistics” 
  • 08.00.13 - “Mathematical and Instrumental Methods of Economy” 
  • 08.00.14 - “World Economy” 
  • 05.13.10 - “Management in Social and Economic Systems”





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Economics and Management study area

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“International Graduate School of Management” study area

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State and Municipal Management study area

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Director: Prof., Dr. Tatiana P. Nekrasova

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